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Hi there!

My name is Latife A. Whittington

I'm a portrait photographer currently based in Federal Way, Washington. It all started with an Intro to the Digital Camera course at a small-town community college. I was in the 8th grade, the time when you start questioning what you want to be when you’re all grown up. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was a random day during my 4th period U.S. History class when my history teacher passed out tiny 4x5 flyers that were from the local community college in town. They were offering middle schoolers and high schoolers a handful of evening courses to enroll in at no cost while also earning college credits. The courses were limited, most were welding-related but there was one that stood out to me, Intro to the Digital Camera obviously lol. Long story short, this is where I discovered my love and passion for photography.


My photography style is all about capturing natural, candid moments. I love capturing spontaneous, unguarded moments, moments that reveal true personalities in whichever environment I find myself in. Whether I’m shooting fashion photos in a flower field, helping a local business owner update their branding photos, or shooting a mini session that is a part of someone's self-love journey, my goal is to bring your vision and ideas to life and to create photographs that are authentic, emotional, and timeless. 


Thanks to the community college courses I’ve taken throughout my middle school and high school years, my A.S., and a B.F.A. with an emphasis in Photography I have a deep understanding of light, composition, and color. However, I’m not afraid of experimenting with new techniques and finding new ways to push the boundaries of my craft. 


If you're interested in working with me, please don't hesitate to get in touch! You can contact me at You can also find me on Instagram and TikTok


Thank you for visiting my website, I look forward to bringing your vision to life!


Otis College of Art and Design, 2019 - 2021 Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography

Art Institute of California - Inland Empire, 2017-2018 Associates of Science in Digital Photography


2021 Hold up, I need to get myself together again real quick. Otis College of Art and Design - Galef 218, Los Angeles CA

2020 Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me. Otis College of Art and Design - Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles CA

2020 Photo LA Otis College of Art and Design Booth - Santa Monica CA

2020 Raw Artists Orange County Premiere Showcase - Costa Mesa CA

2018 The Show The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire, San Bernardino CA


Meet Latife Whittington: Photographer, Shoutout L.A. June 4th, 2021 

Daily Inspiration: Meet Latife Whittington, Voyage Minnesota April 21st, 2022

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